Deadpool’s Game Will Remain Critically Insane



A recent PlayStation Blog post from the Game Director of Deadpool, Sean Miller, aims to shed light on the highly anticipated title by giving players insight into what it has been like developing a game for the Merc With A Mouth.

Every Deadpool fan knows the insanity that the character offers: guns, swords, bigger guns, and chimichangas. There is one thing, however, that makes him even more engaging, and it’s the fact that Deadpool knows he’s a comic character in his own game. Miller fleshes this idea out into greater context as he says, “[T]hat’s what makes Deadpool so unique. Deadpool is more than just the main character of the game – he’s the director. Every part of your experience, from action to narrative, is filtered through the warped, taco-fueled perspective of a protagonist who is certifiably crazycakes.”

Deadpool continually battles with the multiple personalities bursting out of his uniform, and as a result, the game will see many drastic locale changes. He’s a man of nearly infinite possibilities, so if you aren’t expecting the unexpected you might be in for a jarring experience. Once players gain control of the mercenary they begin the game with a normal gun-for-hire mission, but quickly find themselves on the island of Genosha. For Marvel fans, they may notice that this is the site of the mutant massacre from the comics.

So, how will you be saving yourself from the mutant genocide? It’s simple really. Deadpool utilizes a deadly mix of “fast, frenetic, adaptive, and always entertaining” combat that aims to give fans the control they deserve. Players will be able to enjoy elements of the best action brawlers combined with solid third-person shooting. Deadpool will be able to switch effortlessly between melee, and gunplay, as you get in close to your enemies, but you can always pick enemies off long range. I guess it will just depend on which voice you decide to listen to at the moment. In addition, players will have access to a deep upgrade system that enables access to new weapons, combos, upgrades, and abilities.

“Deadpool is more than just a poster on our wall here – he’s real to us, and his chaotic presence is a well we draw from constantly in designing his game. Deadpool is the ultimate Marvel antihero, who’s never really gotten the star treatment he (thinks he) deserves – until now. Deadpool doesn’t so much break the fourth wall as he plows through it and does a touchdown dance on the other side. We’ve got an ‘M’ rating to work with, and we’re treating it as a license to drop you completely off the deep end.”

Deadpool appears to be in phenomenal hands with High Moon Studios, and their passion for our favorite psychotic mercenary is something that brings me personal comfort. With the game’s summer release date approaching, gamers should be able to expect more information to roll out over the coming months. Be sure to drop us a line in the comments below and let us know what you think!

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