New Deadpool Game Reportedly In Development, Will Be R-Rated


With Deadpool gearing up for his big move into the MCU, it appears that a brand new game is currently in the works featuring everyone’s favourite fourth-wall-breaking antihero.

That’s right, according to sources close to We Got This Covered – the same ones that told us Thor: Love and Thunder will be adapting Jane Foster’s cancer storyline well before Natalie Portman confirmed it, and that Ryan Reynolds had a secret role in Hobbs & Shaw – the Merc with a Mouth will be receiving his second fully-fledged video game outing following 2013’s eponymous action beat-’em-up.

Specifically, our sources are telling us that a new Deadpool title is now in active development, and will be R-rated in terms of its tone and content, too. Furthermore, while we can’t confirm for certain which company is behind it, we’re told that it’s likely High Moon Studios, the California-based outfit that worked on the original PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 title, which was later ported to the PlayStation 4/Xbox One in 2015. We know that the game will launch on next-gen systems as well, which isn’t too surprising.

While High Moon Studios’ Deadpool title received fairly middling reviews (it sits at a pretty mixed Metacritic rating of 62 on the Xbox 360), it was one of the top-selling games of the month of its release (along with The Last Of Us). Not only that, but Nolan North – the prolific voice actor who portrayed Wade Wilson’s alter ego in the original – has also gone on record to say how much he’d love to revisit the franchise with some sort of sequel.

Of course, Marvel’s most politically incorrect outlaw has seen more than his fair share of video game appearances. In fact, Deadpool has cropped up in over seventeen games since his comic book inception back in 1991. Hopefully, though, this upcoming project will fare better with the critics than the 2013 effort did.