Debut Trailer For Seasons After Fall Is A Whimsical Delight


After bursting onto the scene with critically acclaimed titles such as Blocks That Matter and Tetrobot and Co., developer Swing Swing Submarine are hard at work on their latest effort, Seasons After Fall. Currently scheduled for a 2016 release, the studio has debuted the first official trailer for the game today.

Set in a magical, fantasy world, Seasons After Fall has players taking on the role of a fox with mystic powers. Tasked with reuniting the Four Guardians of Seasons, the wild fox has the ability to manipulate the forest by “dynamically changing the seasons.” By cycling through the four seasons, players can summon Winter in order “freeze a waterfall” or call upon Spring “to make plants and flowers bloom,” which would lead to previously unknown areas.

Sporting gorgeous 2D graphics and an enchanting gameplay hook, Seasons After Fall has quickly shot to the top of my 2016 most anticipated list. Well, to be fair, it’s the only title on that list, but still. We have seen other games feature similar weather-controlling hooks (The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons), but none have looked quite as impressive as Swing Swing Submarine’s latest.

Seasons After Fall will be available on both consoles and PC when it launches in 2016. Stay tuned for more coverage!

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