December Game Informer To Focus On Rainbow Six: Patriots

It’s going to be time to frag and clear once again when Game Informer launches their next issue in December, with a main article unveiling the next Rainbow Six game. It appears the leaked early concept video from this past June, as well as the web domain acquisitions for Ubisoft‘s popular shooter series, proved to be faithful after all. Rainbow Six: Patriots is alive and kicking, with a release window sometime in 2013 on the 360, PS3, and PC.

The content in the video demonstration showcased moral decisions to choose from, whether it was risking the lives of multiple civilians stuck on a bridge or the life of one victim strapped to deadly bomb. Patriots is set to include tense situations like this in the game that provide a compelling story driven campaign that forces players to rethink themselves constantly.

Creative director David Sears also included that even with the fresh “narrative direction” that Patriots is striving for, the “all the team play, tactics, and realism that fans of the series love” will return as well.

This is terrific news and if the final product ends up being anything like the concept video, Rainbow Six: Patriots will reestablish itself as the definitive tactical first-person shooter out there. Be sure to grab Game Informer next month to get completely up to date with all the game’s details.

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