Take A Deeper Look At Lords Of The Fallen With A New Developer Diary


With just under a week to go until Lords of the Fallen hits shelves, Deck13 Interactive has released a new developer diary for the title that takes us behind the scenes.

Focusing on design and implementation, the diary looks at how the gameplay of Lords of the Fallen came together. Topics covered include balancing enemies, designing weapons and armor, battling bosses and more. For a barely two minute clip, it covers a fairly lengthy amount of topics pertaining to the game.

I’ve been following this one since it was first announced, and one of the major topics that has stuck out to me was how Deck13 Interactive is trying to make the combat difficult, but not unfair. Lead Gameplay Designer Sven Hammer elaborated on this issue further in the recent dev diary, stating:

Our main goal when designing the gameplay and combat of Lords of the Fallen was to create a challenging and rewarding gameplay experience. We had to think about the enemies, how they can be challenging, but not frustrating.

After slogging through another current-gen title that was far more frustrating and cheap than truly challenging, this is definitely a welcome sign.

We will continue to bring you the latest news on Lords of the Fallen in the lead-up to its release. While we wait, however, why not take a look at the developer diary above and let us know what you think.