Defend The Motherland In Company Of Heroes 2

I’ve been watching Company of Heroes 2 for a while now. The sequel to one of my favorite RTS games ever created was announced shortly before the E3 conference this year, but due to THQ’s recent financial woes we weren’t able to see much of the game in action. In their latest trailer, we’re given a quick glance of what we can expect when the German and Soviet forces clash in the motherland during the final crescendo of World War II.

It will be up to you (and possibly two of your buddies) to either protect Mother Russia from the invading Nazis or to rewrite history and claim the motherland as your own. While the trailer doesn’t get in to many of the details, we do get a brief look at some of the units and how they’ll operate on the battlefield. Even at this early stage, the game looks gorgeous. If the trailer is a fair representative of what we can expect, right around the 1:20 mark we see some Russian rocket trucks destroy the ice beneath a German tank sending it to an icy grave. I simply can’t wait to see how some of the 3 on 3 multiplayer matches play out with these dynamics.

There’s no definitive launch date for Company of Heroes 2 as of yet, but THQ is shooting for an early 2013 release. For those of you who can’t wait that long, you can register for the beta here and try to get in on the action a bit early.

So what do you think, dear reader? Is it too early for the hype train to leave the station?

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