Demon’s Souls Remaster May Find Life Beyond From Software


Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki has revealed that a Demon’s Souls remaster isn’t off the table, but it won’t enter development at From Software.

Speaking with GameSpot, the illustrious developer addressed his own previous comments on the matter, conceding that he doesn’t have final say on whether a potential re-release gets the go-ahead.

Miyazaki, who has had a creative input across the Dark Souls series, PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls, clarified that the buck ultimately stops at Sony when it comes to the latter RPG series.

“It seems like there was a misunderstanding in a previous interview in relation to a remake or a remastering of the game, so let me reiterate here. The Dark Souls series is Bandai Namco Entertainment’s IP, and Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne is Sony Interactive Entertainment’s IP. Hence, the decision to do a remake or remastering is under their jurisdiction.”

That doesn’t necessarily rule out the possibility that a Demon’s Souls remaster will find a home beyond From Software, with Miyazaki adding: “For me and for From Software, I don’t think we’ll be involved with their happening, but it could happen through another developer.”

Dark Souls 3 was the latest title to release under Miyazaki’s stewardship. But what are your thoughts on the prospect of a Demon’s Souls remake entering development at From Software, or elsewhere? Let us know in the usual spot.

Source: GameSpot