Denis Dyack Posts Video Response To Allegations Made In Kotaku Article

Denis Dyack’s claims of internet bloggers linking to the Kotaku article without any evidence to support the legitimacy of the allegations, is a valid criticism against the 24/7 internet news cycle. For our part, WGTC did write about the Kotaku article when it was first published, and linked to them as the source.

However, we made a conscious editorial decision at the time to focus our report on the story on the rumor that an Eternal Darkness 2 demo was developed and then canceled at Silicon Knights. We deliberately avoided publishing any acquisition against Denis Dyack and Silicon Knights of embezzlement specifically because there was no proof that the illegal activity ever took place.

Reporting video game rumors without hard evidence is one thing, reporting illegal activity without hard evidence is something else entirely.

Personally speaking, now that Denis Dyack has finally responded to the Kotaku article, I feel as if we have to give him the benefit of the doubt. This is a case of he said, eight anonymous people said. In those types of situations, the best course of action is to side with the only person who has actually attached their name to their side of the story.

With that said, I still have many reservations about Denis Dyack and the Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter campaign. Dyack’s video response leaves behind too many important issues not related to the Kotaku article, namely; Silicon Knights has been found guilty of stealing code from Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3, Dyack’s conduct during his feud with the NeoGAF forum, the apparent non-official connections between Precursor Games and Silicon Knights, and (most importantly) that he completely failed to deliver on his last two games (Too Human and X-Men: Destiny).

Denis Dyack‘s video response to Kotaku’s article is embedded below, let us know your thoughts on the subject in the comment section. Has Dyack successfully addressed all of your concerns over the Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter campaign?