New Destiny 2 Clip Takes You On A Short But Sweet Tour Of The Planet Nessus


It’s not often that so much hype is built up around the imminent start of a beta, not least for one that’s going to have far less content than the full game itself, but then, given that the title in question is none other than Destiny 2, the reception is hardly surprising. Guardians have been waiting three long years for Destiny‘s successor to arrive, one more than they had anticipated – thanks to a delay that saw last year’s Rise of Iron expansion launched in its stead – but now, we’re close. Oh so close.

We’re still more than a month out from finally receiving the full package, but Destiny 2‘s beta should prove to be a worthy stopgap for the impatient (read: me) among us, and it’s due to begin this very day for PlayStation 4 owners. The doors swing open on Sony’s platform for everyone who pre-ordered the full game in just a few hours, with the same deal applied to Xbox One, only a day later.

Bungie’s already detailed what content will be available as part of the trial, and while we won’t be exploring any sandbox areas on Nessus as part of it, the Inverted Spire Strike and Endless Vale Crucible map will be accessible, both of which are found on the crimson-hued planet’s surface. For a visual representation of what to expect as you enter Nessus’ orbit, check out the new gameplay (via IGN) above.

In regards to the rest of Destiny 2‘s play space, Earth will be returning from the original game, joined by the new planets/moons Io and Titan. Bungie’s yet to fully reveal what either of those looks like, but if they’re even half as aesthetically diverse as the one you see above, we’re in for a treat when the sequel finally lands on September 6 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

For now, though, we, like everyone else, we’ll be putting the beta through its paces. See you on Nessus, Guardians!

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