New Destiny 2 Gameplay Showcases High Stakes Survival Mode, Altar Of Flame PvP Map


Bungie has opted to make a return visit to the Crucible for its latest Destiny 2 gameplay reveal, this time to show off new mode Survival. As you’ve probably discerned just from the name alone, the latest playlist addition isn’t your run-of-the-mill PvP mode but rather, one that demands teamwork while also mercilessly punishing each and every death.

Once again following the 4v4 format that Bungie appears to have settled on as a perfect size for PvP engagements in Destiny 2‘s Crucible, Survival does away with the crutch of infinite respawns, replacing the system with a limited pool that, once exhausted, will result in permanent, everlasting death for you and your comrades until the next round commences.

Given its obvious similarities with the original Destiny‘s Elimination and premier Trials of Osiris modes, Survival’s likely aimed toward that same audience, though Bungie says that it’s not meant to replace, or be as competitive as the latter, which is due to return for the sequel, alongside Iron Banner.

You can see a play-by-play of the mode via the IGN First video above, which serves the dual purpose of showing off the Altar of Flame PvP map. Set on Mercury’s sun scorched surface, the arena is described as a medium-sized map by Bungie’s Lars Bakken, providing plenty of opportunities for long-ranged engagements via several sniper lanes that overlook a lone heavy ammo spawn point.

Having spent a sizeable amount of time putting Destiny 2‘s beta through its paces, I’m still not entirely sold on the new, smaller 4v4 format Bungie is pushing for the sequel, but there’s clearly still a sizeable portion of content yet to be revealed, so a final judgment will have to wait.

Destiny 2 is out September 6 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with a PC launch due to follow on October 24.