New Destiny 2 Gameplay Showcases Sequel’s Overhauled Voidwalker Warlock


With Destiny 2‘s console beta fast approaching, Bungie’s been steadily upping the amount of new gameplay revealed for the highly anticipated sequel, the latest of which finally pulls back the curtain on the Voidwalker subclass for Warlocks. The footage, arriving via IGN, provides a handy overview of the changes Bungie’s made to the class under the hood, most notably to the Nova Bomb Super, which looks markedly different to the version seen in the original Destiny.

Unlike the Titan’s Fist of Havoc, which has been converted from a single-use Super to an ongoing ability akin to the Hunter’s Golden Gun, Nova Bomb retains its fire-and-forget motif, although this time it’s considerably bigger and travels at a much slower pace. Other tweaks include what appears to be the added ability for the bomb to track its target(s), as well as an enlarged blast radius upon detonation. Whether these are the result of inherent traits or specific perks remains to be seen, however, as we’ve yet to see the role’s updated skill tree.

In addition to the above, both Scatter Grenade and Blink are confirmed to return, the latter of which now looks to be a power exclusive to Warlocks. Replacing the standard jump with a short-ranged teleport, Blink has proven to be a point of contention among Destiny’s player base in the past, some having labeled it as too powerful. Bungie subsequently made adjustments to the skill following player feedback, so expect it to return with the same limitations as before.

With the arrival of this latest appetizer, we now have gameplay for all of Destiny 2‘s classes, but while some questions still remain, you can fully expect them to be answered when the game’s beta kicks off later this month.

As for the main course, Destiny 2 launches in full on September 6 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and October 24 for PC.

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