Destiny: Rise Of Iron Graces Game Informer Cover, New Progression Details Surface


Destiny: Rise of Iron is the cover star of Game Informer’s latest issue, bringing with it a ton of new information for Bungie’s September expansion.

Among the highlights, next month’s add-on will up the max light level to 385, while the introduction of Hard Mode on Rise of Iron‘s raid will bump that up a little further to 400. Speaking of which, Wrath of the Machine is the name of said raid, though few details were disclosed at this time.

Elsewhere, it appears Festival of the Lost will make its return come September, while Supremacy, a new game mode for Destiny‘s PvP component, will be showcased at Gamescom later this month. Strike missions Devil’s Lair and The Summoning Pits are coming back, too, with a twist.

Launching in and around the one-year anniversary of The Taken King, Rise of Iron will herald a few tweaks to the in-game progression system as Bungie looks to emphasize the importance of new content. That means September’s DLC “puts the focus squarely on new content to discover, and our time with the game reveals Bungie’s fixation on player choice, allowing everyone to enjoy the game in the way they most prefer, all while still making meaningful progress.”

With PS3 and Xbox 360 now deemed legacy consoles by Bungie, Destiny: Rise of Iron is poised to launch across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 20. Until then, you can have a gander at the full Game Informer cover, below.