Destiny’s April Update Has New PlayStation-Exclusive Content

Destiny IB PS4 exclusives

Guardians defending the galaxy from evildoers on the PlayStation 4 have some new timed exclusive content to enjoy in Destiny‘s upcoming April Update. As we’ve seen before with previous PlayStation-exclusive content like the Jade Rabbit and Hawkmoon Exotic weapons, exclusive Strikes and even whole sets of PlayStation-only Iron Banner armor, there’s another new piece of gear on the way those that prefer Sony’s console over the Xbox One.

The Zen Meteor, a new Exotic sniper rifle, will be obtainable by PlayStation players only when the update hits all major consoles on April 12, and it looks pretty swish.

Like all pieces of Exotic gear, expect the Zen Meteor to have a unique – probably overpowered – perk attached to it, whatever it is: Bungie have opted to keep schtum over what power it holds within its high-power barrel.

Oh, and just in case you find that April 1 date a little suspect, Bungie have already confirmed that the weapon is very real, and definitely a PlayStation exclusive, at least for now; all PlayStation-exclusive, Year 1 content made its way to Xbox players with the release of The Taken King expansion.

Destiny‘s April Update is the first substantial content update since last year’s aforementioned expansion, and it’s one the game is in desperate need of, as its been living off non-permanent events and seasonal quests in the interim. Thankfully though, there seems to be a rather large amount of new content on the way next week, and you can check out all the details right here.

Source: VG247