Destiny’s Crimson Doubles Valentine’s Event Goes Live Later Today

Destiny V Day

Destiny‘s Valentine’s Day inspired event – Crimson Doubles – goes live later today, bringing with it some new loot and emotes to get a hold of. The event is due to go live any moment now, and besides the patch bringing with it a sea of rose petal to bathe The Tower in red, taking centre stage is the new Crimson Doubles PvP mode.

The new 2v2 mode pits both couples in direct competition for victory, but it’s not quite that simple. The first team to clinch five round wins emerges the ultimate victor, but there’s some new twists on the usual doubles gameplay in the form of new buffs and items that endow you with love-themed boons depending on the situation.

First of all, if your partner falls in battle, you’ll be endowed with the ‘Heartbroken’ buff, which will grant you the ability to swap weapons faster and boost health regeneration rate. The buff ends when you die, if you’re partner is revived or when the round ends.

New consumable Crimson Candy will trigger increased experience gain on all equipped weapons for 30 minutes after consumption, and will assuredly be obtainable as post-match drops or from the new Crimson Bonds quest available at The Tower.

Players who complete that will get new a new emblem, and chocolate Ghost Shells (how cute) and shaders will be potential rewards from playing Crimson Doubles. Just remember that Valentine’s Day is all about love when you’re shooting your enemies in the face.

In addition to all of that, new emotes Awkward Dance, Strange Dance, Fist Bump, Charm and Secret Greeting will be made available in the Eververse Store for purchase.

So, Crimson Doubles sound like a rather substantial content update then, but like many updates since The Taken King – it’s all temporary.

Destiny‘s Crimson Doubles is due to end on February 16.

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