Destiny’s Iron Banner Event Returns Before The Year’s End


While Destiny players are currently able to entertain themselves with the limited-time Sparrow Racing League, the more bloodthirsty fans of the game will be glad to hear that Iron Banner events will return before the end of 2015. The last of these events was held in mid-November, but they’ll make a welcome return very soon.

In a tweet posted by the official Bungie account, it was confirmed that the Iron Banner would return on the very same day that the Sparrow Racing League finishes. Great news if you’re losing a few races on December 29th and fancy reclaiming some pride by demonstrating some combat superiority, eh?

This will be the first Iron Banner event since the huge December update became available for Destiny, and it will be interesting to see what impact the paid level boosts will have on competitive play in the Crucible’s Iron Banner challenges.

Bungie are promising gear and loot announcements closer to the Iron Banner’s return, so stay tuned for further updates!