Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut Officially Announced For Wii U

With Amazon having already let the cat out of the bag yesterday, Eidos Montreal and Square Enix have gone ahead and officially confirmed that Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut is real and will be released for Nintendo’s Wii U console in the near future.

Described as the “ultimate edition of the game”, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut gives players a full slate of Wii U GamePad features, including; touch-screen hacking, interactive map editing, augmented sniping, grenade throwbacks, and several neural hub enhancements. Additionally, the game features “in-depth” Miiverse integration, developer commentaries, and access to in-game guides.

Aside from the unique Wii U GamePad features, the Director’s Cut will also include Tongs’s Rescue mission and the entire Missing Link chapter integrated seamlessly into the main narrative flow. Other changes to the core Deus Ex: Human Revolution game include; refined balance and combat, improved AI, and “striking visual improvements” that were not possible on the Xbox 360 version.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut‘s executive game director, Jean-Francois Dugas, described the visual difference on the Wii U saying:

“It’s much sharper. There are more nuances between the light and dark places… [the Director’s Cut also includes a new fog system] makes the atmosphere really stand out”.

“It’s more powerful on the Wii U. Even some of the graphics that were improved already on the 360 for The Missing Link, we were able to go a little bit farther with the Wii U, just because of the hardware. In terms of the shadows, which are smoothed out, it’s much different than the Xbox version.”

Perhaps the biggest improvement over the original Deus Ex: Human Revolution is that the developer, Straight Right, is claiming to have drastically reworked all three of the game’s boss fights. Where the original boss battles forced players into combat heavy fights, regardless of how the player spent their upgrade points, the redesigned boss fights now include options to use stealth and hacking, in addition to brute force.

While Amazon listed Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut for release on May 7, 2013, Square Enix has not confirmed a release date, other than to say that it is “coming soon”. Check out the first screenshots for the Wii U port below, and we will update you on the game’s official release date as soon as it is announced.