Deus Ex: Human Revolution Live Action Trailer Released

Square Enix has released a live-action trailer for their upcoming game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. For over three minutes you learn about the specific dangers of body modifications. Amongst the urgings to stay human, the revolutionaries in the video make sure you know that you can be controlled by your augmentations. Being bionic may sound like a great idea, but this video makes you wonder if the grass is really greener.

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution you play as Adam Jensen, a former SWAT specialist. Jensen is selected to protect America’s most experimental biotech firm and its secrets. when a black ops team breaks in and the people you are sworn to protect are killed, your whole job description changes. In a twist of fate, Jensen is injured during the attack and forced to accept augmentation. Your search for answers will lead you all over the globe and your very decisions could be the last bastion of hope for humankind.

The Deus Ex series is a personal favorite of mine. The way the gameplay can change based on your decisions was ground breaking when the first game came out. As long as the developers stay on track and have just improved the game from there, then there is no reason to not be excited for this game.

It is available on August 23 on the 360, PS3 and PC.

Check out the trailer below: