Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut Enhancements Are Exclusive

Square Enix has confirmed the legitimacy of a recent leak via Amazon by announcing a special Director’s Cut of their hit title Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the Wii U, along with numerous details on what enhancements players can expect to see in the finished product.

One of the more notable changes for this version of the game will directly address one of the more common criticisms the original received by revamping the numerous boss fights found throughout the story. Emile Pedneault, one of the directors for the upcoming revamp, demonstrated that there will now be numerous ways to fight each boss thanks to changed enemy AI and redone environment layouts.

“You can deal with a boss fight in a stealth way, you can deal with a boss fight in a hacking way,” said Pedneault. “We even have for each boss fight a way to kill them without firing a single bullet.”

Other features will include the original game’s DLC pack, The Missing Link, being built into the game at no extra cost, higher-quality graphics that feature a new lighting system, improved fog, improved shadows, and anti-aliasing, as well as the Neural Hub, which will incorporate the Wii U GamePad into gameplay. Other features will include over 8 hours of audio commentary from the developers that plays over the game, and the inclusion of a digital copy of the official strategy guide at no extra cost.

The interesting choice regarding all this, however, is Pedneault’s confirmation that there are no plans to bring any of this new content to the already-released 360, PS3, or PC versions of the game. Not including some of the touch features the GamePad will bring is understandable, but this does show a commitment to the Wii U, which is something third-party developers have been shying away from. While Human Revolution is hardly a brand-new title, the fact that the Wii U will be the only place to play arguably the best version of it will be a nice treat for Nintendo fans.

An announcement trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut can be viewed below.  We’ll keep you updated on more news regarding the Deus Ex franchise as it develops.