Developer Resumes Suggest Remedy Are Already Working On A New Game

Remedy resumes

Remedy Entertainment, the team responsible for Quantum Break and Alan Wake, appear to be making significant progress on a brand new game. The information comes as details have been posted on online resumes for two Remedy developers, featuring an “unannounced title.”

The resumes also confirm that the development of the game has been underway since August 2015, meaning that 9 months of development have passed already.

The images were spotted on the developers’ Linkedin profiles where, unsurprisingly, no other morsels of information were made available. Speculation has already started to rise around what this may entail though, with Remedy previously having explained that they are still open to the idea of extending the Alan Wake series.

Whatever the game ends up being, you can surely bet that it will be a highly cerebral, story-driven experience; Remedy’s latest – Quantum Break – fused a futuristic story into a narrative experience that even included additional TV episodes.

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