Developer Thekla Working On VR Version Of The Witness, No Plans For PlayStation VR

The Witness Screenshot 2

On the eve of release, Thekla President and the chief creative mind behind The Witness Jonathan Blow has touched base on the possibility of adding VR compatibility to the acclaimed first-person puzzler.

While Blow ruled out the possibility of bringing the title to Sony’s PlayStation VR, the celebrated developer confirmed that Thekla is currently in the early stages of crafting a VR build that will be released for PC, and therefore compatible with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Speaking with iDigitialTimes, here’s what Blow had to say on the matter:

“Not on PlayStation VR simply because to support that you would’ve had to design the game from the outset. We started this game a long time ago way before PlayStation VR was a concept… We might do some support for PC-based UV [sic] because it’s easier to add that in later.”

Going into The Witness, the creator also emphasized just how different his sophomore effort is compared to conventional video games. Keeping hand-holding to a minimum, Blow noted that the Myst-inspired title largely leaves players to their own devices.

“If that’s the kind of game you’re used to [The Witness] is going to feel very different. There might even be some culture shock. Hopefully people get over that initial moment of culture shock if they have it and just explore.”

The Witness is due to drop for PlayStation 4 and PC tomorrow, January 26, and you can get the skinny on Blow’s imminent puzzler by checking out our glowing review.