Batgirl And Two-Face Teased For Upcoming Batman Game


WB Games Montréal recently launched a website to promote their upcoming video game. After navigating the deliberately cryptic web page, a few fans claim to have found information within the site’s files, including the name of the title it’s trying to promote as well as some of the characters that might appear in it.

The website, called r3dakt3d, features little to no information about the project itself. When fans open the web page in their browser, they’re met with an ominous message that reads: “We have been expecting you.” After putting in some codes, they eventually arrive at a screen displaying what many believe to be one of the game’s maps.

Elsewhere on the website, fans can also find the number 761,941,364,995, which turns out to the barcode for Detective Comics #359, an old issue of the Batman comics. Given that this particular issue featured the debut of Batgirl, the alter-ego of Jim Gordon’s daughter Barbara, many believe that she’ll appear in the game.

batman arkham knight

Batgirl’s first appearance is not the only interesting thing about this issue, though. As a whole, it’s part of the Batman: Gotham Knights comic book series, a storyline which centers on the entire Bat Family. Interestingly, Gotham Knights had long been rumored to be the title of WB Montréal’s project, which would reportedly be a soft reboot of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham franchise.

And yet, that’s not all. Digging deeper through the website’s files, one Twitter user by the name of Presobard was able to uncover an additional map that features the phrase “Face Two Face.” If their findings are correct, this would mean that WB Montréal’s upcoming project will most certainly be a Batman game and could even include Batgirl and Two-Face.