Devil May Cry 5 Leaked On Voice Actor’s Resume


Voice actor Nils Hognestad his listed Devil May Cry 5 on his resume, launching a tidal wave of speculation and rumor as to what Capcom has in store for fans of the beloved series. Hodnestad is listed as the lead role, meaning that he will be replacing Tim Phillipps as the voice of Dante.

Ninja Theory, the developer behind 2013’s reboot DmC: Devil May Cry, stated that they were not involved in the making of a sequel years ago. With no word from Capcom, some were worried about the potential future of the series, but Hognestad’s resume seems to indicate not only that the IP still lives, but that Capcom intends on a return to form for DmC. The listed title of Devil May Cry 5 rather than DmC 2 would also seem to imply that it will be a sequel to the original series instead of the reboot.

Fans have been torn by DmC: Devil May Cry since it was first announced. While an undoubtedly fun hack and slash action game, it was a significant departure in tone from the original series. Several changes to the main character – including the color of his hair – were not well received. Considering Capcom’s recent announcements regarding Resident Evil 7 and their intention to bring it back to its roots, it looks like the company is trying to recapture the lightning in the bottle that made their games powerhouse franchises to begin with.

No news yet as to when Devil May Cry 5 might be announced, but don’t be surprised if more information starts to trickle in soon, especially with E3 around the corner.