Devolver Digital Bringing Indie Quartet To PlayStation Platforms


Devolver Digital, ever the bastion of quality indie software, revealed a string of new titles that will make their way onto PlayStation platforms during Sony’s momentous E3 press conference this evening.

Over the years, the esteemed publisher has massaged the likes of Hotline Miami, Titan Souls and Roll7’s Not a Hero to their respective retail release, and now Devolver is turning its attention to a new-fangled quartet in the form of Ronin, Eitr, Mother Russia Bleeds, and Crossing Souls. Staying in the 2D wheelhouse that the company is most known for, all four titles in question can be glimpsed in the trailer embedded above, and though there is no release date to report for either, all will be heading to PlayStation 4 in due time.

There’s reason to be excited, too; Devolver Digital has cemented a reputation as a defining hallmark of quality in recent times, and it’s certainly a boon for Sony to bolster its indie line-up on PlayStation 4. Yes, they won’t fill the still-lacklustre holiday line-up that the platform holder is currently facing, but new games and new experiences are always a welcome addition to the PlayStation ecosystem.

Check out the trailer yourself to see if any of Devolver Digital‘s new games catch your eye, and let us know your favorite – or lack thereof – in the comments below.