Here We Go Again: Will Diablo III Be Released In April?

Here we go again. Italian gaming website MMORPGItalia has leaked that Activision Italy, a subsidiary of Blizzard Entertainment, reportedly revealed Diablo III’s release date to Italian retailers in order to prepare for the mayhem to follow. Shortly thereafter, Amazon.It added the April 17th date for pre-orders, however it has been retracted since.

Blizzard Game Director Jay Wilson, who is the project lead for Diablo III, responded through Twitter with the amount of clarity you would expect on this matter.

“@BenBrown68 I cannot debunk or confirm,”

It’s poetic really.

I’m going to be honest with you guys. I didn’t want to write this article. Even with my love for wild speculation and rumor mongering, I feel like we’re beating a dead horse on this one. The only thing that stopped me from disregarding this entirely is that Blizzard has had a history of announcing release dates fairly close to the actual release. Add in the fact that the Game Developers Conference started today in San Francisco, and this could be a good sign. I wouldn’t get too worked up over it quite yet, but I would start crafting my excuse on why I’m going to need a week off if I were you.

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