Diablo III Seasons Finally Arrive On Xbox One And PlayStation 4 This Month

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players of Diablo III will soon get access to the Seasons game mode that had previously only been available on PC, Blizzard has announced. Due to kick off on March 31, the developer says the feature’s debut on consoles will begin at Season 10 to maintain consistency with PC and will include all of the same benefits, rewards and leaderboard features that have made the mode so popular since its first iteration.

For those just hearing about them for the first time, Seasons are an alternative to standard play which run for a limited time (usually a couple of months) only and offers a series of objectives for players to complete, the end result being a generous dose of lucrative rewards. Unlike characters created in standard play, Seasonal characters are unable to share items with non-seasonal variants, meaning players new and old all start on an even playing field as each Season kicks off.

All achievements, Greater Rift progress, Paragon levels etc., are tracked in-game, allowing you to measure how your progress stacks up against friends and strangers alike throughout the Season. For a more in-depth idea of what to expect next week, see Blizzard’s post here.

If you’re on PC and have already extracted about as much entertainment as you can out of Seasons, hang in there – Diablo III‘s new Necromancer class, which was officially unveiled at last year’s BlizzCon alongside a special anniversary event, is due to arrive later this year, alongside two brand new areas. Blizzard has yet to set a price or firm release date for the content, but when we know, so will you. Stay tuned.