Diablo III Unleashes Wrath Through A 7 Minute Anime Video


I know you’re all eagerly awaiting the May 15th release of Diablo III for two important reasons:

1. The 10-year wait for the sequel to what could be referred to as one of gaming’s most important and revered franchises will finally be over.

2. I will finally shut up about it. But, since today is only the 9th, I’ve still got time to throw a few more things your way.

The most recent thing to come out of the Blizzard camp is this 7 minute-long mini anime video, which gives us a bit more back story into the Diablo universe. While Diablo was never really known for its lore, Peter Chung and Titmouse Animation Studios did a compelling job of selling the story amidst a plethora of stab happy archangels.

Now, we’ll only have to wait several more days to add closure to this story.

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