Diabolical Pitch Allows You To Be A Bionic Baseball Player Who Takes Out Carnivals

Wait, what?

This is either the best or worst idea I’ve ever run across. See if you can follow me on this. Diabolical Pitch is a Kinect on-rails shooter where you play as a baseball pitcher who is throwing balls at what appears to be deranged mascots at a carnival.

Of course, you have a bionic arm and a uniform from the famous Santa Destroy team from No More Heroes. In something somewhat close to real baseball, you aim with your non-throwing hand while kicking away enemies and get to unleash special pitches with lightning and fire attacks. If I had that back when I was in college, I may have had a better shot at going pro.

It should come as no surprise that Grasshopper Manufacture is behind this madness. Diabolical Pitch doesn’t seem that out of place when we’re comparing it to Killer 7Shadows Of The Damned, and No More Heroes

Diabolical Pitch will take the mound on April 4th. God help me; I may end up buying a Kinect for this.

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