DICE Reveals Battlefield 3 Co-Op Plus New Screens

One of the biggest announcements from today’s Gamescom press conferences is the fact that Battlefield 3 will feature co-operative missions.

During Electronic Arts‘ press conference, Patrick Soderlund and Karl Magnus (both from DICE), revealed the new teamwork mode. They took to the stage and infiltrated a virtual building full of artificial intelligence enemies. It’s a mission that is playable on the show floor at Electronic Arts‘ booth, with an objective asking players to rescue an important target from capture. The end goal, as can be expected, is to escort him to safety.

This newly announced mode seems to be a stand-alone set of missions, set apart from the campaign. It gives players the chance to bring in a friend to help them out in missions which incorporate all of the popular elements of Battlefield 3‘s gameplay. Yes, this includes both ground and air vehicles, as well as missions that feature dangerous urban warfare.

When more information presents itself, you can be sure that we’ll let you know. To tide you over for now, feel free to check out this assortment of brand new (and beautiful) screens that were just released.

Thanks to VG 24/7 for the images.