DICE Says Star Wars Battlefront Doesn’t Lift “A Single System” From Battlefield Series


DICE’s heritage and expertise in the shooter genre may be felt within Star Wars Battlefront, but the studio has reaffirmed that its similarities with Battlefield end there.

Across its development, the Swedish dev has repeatedly stated that its high-profile take on a galaxy far, far away will feel and play like a different beast to its lucrative Battlefield franchise, and General Manager Patrick Bach drove that point home once more in a recent interview with Official PlayStation Magazine (via GamesRadar).


In fact, Bach even went so far as to say that Battlefront doesn’t borrow “a single system” from DICE’s flagship series, while trumpeting the shooter’s nostalgic factor.

I don’t think we have a single system in the game that is the same as in Battlefield. They are as far apart as any shooter would be to any other shooter. I think people will be surprised that it’s even a DICE game in some cases, but I think that the quality of the game and the quality of the audio, the visuals, the emotion it evokes will hopefully feel very DICE.

For DICE, Star Wars Battlefront represents a triple-A passion project, with the studio using its unprecedented access to Lucasfilm’s vaults to create one of the most authentic Star Wars experiences in history. Blue-sky thinking, of course, though every snippet of the game thus far has showcased a visually stunning adaptation.

In related news, both the developer and EA lifted the curtain on The Battle of Jakku, a standalone DLC that will bridge the gap between Return of the Jedi and J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Those who have pre-ordered the licensed title will gain access to this add-on immediately, with a general release planned for the beginning of December.

Star Wars Battlefront will hope to act as the perfect primer ahead of the release of The Force Awakens when DICE’s shooter touches down on November 17.

Source: GamesRadar