Did You Miss Me: Wii U Exclusive Bayonetta 2 Pegged For October 2014

Platinum Games’ anticipated follow-up to 2009’s action hit, Bayonetta, has been given a release window. During the company’s press conference this morning, Nintendo announced that Bayonetta 2 will launch in October, 2014.

Additionally, the publisher also confirmed that the maiden title in the series will be bundled in with the sequel upon release, meaning gamers will essentially be getting two games for the price of one. Without doubt, this is a great bonus for Wii U owners, as the first Bayonetta actually didn’t release for the Wii five years ago.

In fact, Wii U owners have long expressed their desire to receive a port of the first game, and even created an online petition. Either way, Platinum Games’ pairing are poised to launch across Wii U later this year, and as for the second entry in the hack ’n’ slash series, players will be able to access a variety of Nintendo-themed content within the game.

The majority of which comes in the form of outfits for the titular witch, including Link’s black body suit from The Legend of Zelda, Samus’ iconic armour from the Metroid series along with a Princess Peach-esque garment.

The enchanting Bayonetta will be kicking ass and taking names in Bayonetta 2 when it releases exclusively for Wii U in October 2014.