Discover The Secrets Of Richard & Alice, Now Available On Steam

richard and alice 01

Indie development studio Owl Cave and publisher Mastertronic have announced that acclaimed point-and-click adventure game Richard & Alice is now available on both Steam and Get Games.

Coming from the minds of PR specialist Lewis Denby and Starbound lead writer Ashton Raze, Richard & Alice centers around two inmates incarcerated in a unique prison in the future. With years of heavy snowfall causing chaos around the world, our titular pair must go on a journey to not only discover the mysteries behind their imprisonment, but also come to terms with who they truly are.

At its core a story about family, loneliness and desperation, Richard & Alice represents a unique and absorbing take on the point-and-click genre. The title has already made waves on Steam Greenlight and is now available on the store proper, with achievements, trading cards, badges and emoticons included.

I’m interested in trying out Owl Cave’s debut title because not only does Richard & Alice look unique and promising, but both Lewis Denby and Ashton Raze’s excitement over the title is infectious. Getting the game published at all was a dream for them, but now that it is on Steam with all the additional features, they seem even more pleased. If the two are getting passionate about writing quotes for a PR campaign and getting trading cards, then I can only imagine how they feel about the game proper.

Richard & Alice is now available for purchase on Steam and Get Games and for this week only, available for 50% off its regular price of $5.99.