Discovered PEGI Rating Outs RAGE: The Scorchers

Hopefully you’ve held on to your copy of RAGE because, from the sounds of things, the game will be receiving its first piece of major downloadable content sometime in the relatively near future.

Siliconera has discovered a PEGI rating for RAGE: The Scorchers, which makes reference to a faction that was only mentioned during the game’s core campaign. Tagged for release on Xbox 360 and PC, it bears a rating for users 18 years of age and older.

While this could end up being a sequel, it’s unlikely. That’s because, prior to the game’s fall release date, id Software‘s Tim Willits stated the following to

“Our immediate plans, of course, are some DLC for Rage.”

This is good news for fans who purchased RAGE with the hope that it would receive additional content. So far, those folks have only had the option to enhance their experience with the day one Anarchy Edition pack, which adds combat bonuses. Then again, that was free for those who pre-ordered the visceral and high-quality apocalyptic first-person shooter.

Note: Bethesda Softworks has yet to comment on this rumor.