Dishonored 2’s Full Achievement List Reveals Some Huge Story Spoilers


We’re now just over a month away from finally getting our hands on Dishonored 2, and while developer Arkane Studios has pushed out plenty of gameplay trailers showcasing the abilities and setting of the stealth/action-adventure sequel’s two protagonists, fans have been kept largely in the dark in regards to narrative.

Up until now, all we’ve really been told is that original protagonist Corvo will return as a playable character alongside Princess Emily Kaldwin, the little-girl-turned-woman who’s looking just as dangerous as her former protector.

Thanks to the arrival today of the title’s full achievement list (via VG247), however, we can finally shed some light on some of the events that will occur during the course of the campaign. You can see the entire uncensored list below but be warned, there’s some pretty significant spoilers to be gleaned from the image.

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Sitting alongside the standard achievements that involve completing the game in a specific way (i.e. no kills or powers used), a series of entries at the bottom reveals several character names, including that of Delilah, The Spirit Thief. According to one achievement, we’re going to be tasked with stealing Delilah’s soul, who can use paintings to perform the very same feat.

Additionally, it looks like you’ll be paying your respects to the former Empress of the Isles Jessamine Kaldwin, mother to Emily and the poor victim of an assassination plot in the original Dishonored. Interestingly, it looks like we’ll be indulging in a spot of time travel at some point; the A Night In 1849 accolade being awarded after having ‘visited the past.’

Dishonored 2 launches November 11 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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