Disney Announces TRON RUN/r Coming To PS4 And Xbox One


Despite the game initially being announced as a PC exclusive, Disney have today confirmed that TRON RUN/r will also be heading to PS4 and Xbox One. The announcement came with a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it teaser, which you can check out above if your eyes are feeling up to it.

In TRON RUN/r, you’ll create your own avatar and be able to customize them with different light cycles, suits and helmets as you unlock new gear by progressing through the stages. There’ll apparently be 30 levels to play through, as well as a mode known as ‘Stream’ which will feature challenging remixes of the existing levels.


The game will also be supporting global leaderboards so you can test your skills against the best of the best, and the soundtrack will feature music and remixes from the likes of Giorgio Moroder and Raney Shockne as well as Autechre, Bibio, Darkstar and Joywave.

TRON RUN/r is set for release on February 16th and will cost approximately $20. The date also marks the day that the original PC version gets its full release and leaves early access.

Source: Gamespot

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