Disney Infinity Will Open The Toy Chest Of Your Imagination


Disney Interactive have released a brand new behind the scenes documentary for their upcoming Disney Infinity. The latest in the “Creating Infinity” video series shows off precisely how the team hopes to unlock everyone’s imagination.

Members of Avalanche Software and Pixar reveal how they managed to evolve the popular Toy Box mode, from Toy Story 3, into something of pure play. The team built a prototype space where players could experiment with the toys at their disposal, discover how they interact with each other, and simply play the game according to what their creativity unleashed.

The team behind Disney Infinity clearly understand the power of a child’s imagination. It’s a state of mind that isn’t afraid of exploring and experimenting. Players will be able to combine a wide-range of Disney characters as universes collide and mix. It’s interesting to hear how the team envisions this type of imagination influencing the core design of Infinity.

“That non-sequitur nature of play is something we really celebrate, and so this whole idea of playing how you want to really inspired us with Disney Infinity.”

Development on Infinity has proven that by offering the tools for a truly unique game experience players will find their own ways to play. By expanding the core idea of the Toy Box past the universe of Toy Story the team is no doubt set to offer kids of all ages a truly special Disney gaming experience.

Disney Infinity is set to hit stores this August. Are you excited to unleash the vast toy chest of your imagination? Be sure to leave us your thoughts in the comments below.