New Disney Infinity Trailer Showcases Power Discs


A new promotional trailer for the upcoming cross-platform game Disney Infinity has been released, along with some details on the power-up and item system the game will use. Besides the main Play Sets that will incorporate new characters and levels into the game, the other main physical component will come in the form of items known as Power Discs.

These will come in two varieties. The circular discs will offer power-ups for your character of choice, including Bolt’s Super Strength, Fix It Felix’s Repair Power, CHROME’s Armor Shield, and Pieces of Eight. Hexagonal discs will unlock items and vehicles to use, like Mickey’s Car and Cinderella’s Coach. New customization options for the freeform Toy Box mode will also be available. Power Discs will not be sold in preset packs. Instead, they will be randomly sold in packs of two for $5, with a total of four circulars and 16 hexagonals to kick things off.

A promotional Power Discs trailer can be viewed below. We will keep you updated as more news regarding Disney Infinity is announced.