Dishonored Receives Disturbing New Screenshots

Victorian London has never been rendered in a more disconcerting manner than in Dishonored. Recent videos have focussed on the diversity of your options, but it is the surreal nature of the game beyond its Steampunk setting that comes firmly into the fore with the latest screenshots.

From dark and unsettling environments to the lavish den of disturbing iniquity shown above, the images are as beautiful as one would expect. The protagonist may have no past, but the city itself appears to be filled with memorable characters indicative of an unusual and intriguing history.

Due for a multi-platform release this October, Dishonored is looking like it may manage to deliver on its considerable potential and become one of the defining games of the year. The six screenshots below may merely make the wait all the more unbearable, but it is a pleasant pain and one you should certainly indulge in.

Source: Destructoid

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