Divinity: Original Sin, A Prequel To Divine Divinity, Due 2013

Larian Studios have announced, that their latest entry into the Divinity series, Divinity: Original Sin, will be a prequel to Divine Divinity and bring some rather intriguing features to this successful series of RPGs.

Coming to both PC and Mac in 2013, Divinity: Original Sin‘s more notable features include: the ability to play as two main characters, the addition of up to four player co-op that includes individual character development, and the ability to craft and share your own adventures using the game’s in-built toolset.

The official site has various other features and teases for you to enjoy, but you can expect more information to be revealed about both this and Dragon Commander (another divinity-based title currently in the works) by Larian at E3 next week. Until then, take a look at some of the screenshots below, but do remember that lust is still a sin – even if there is nothing all that original about it.

Source: Joystiq