The Division Underground Launch Trailer Plunges Into The Depth’s Of NYC’s Dark Underbelly


Agents, take heed; there’s a dangerous threat brewing beneath the streets of New York City, and you can find out what’s in store in The Division‘s first expansion pack via today’s rousing launch trailer.

Entitled Underground, the paid-for DLC is set to make its debut tomorrow, June 28, for those on Xbox One and PC. As per Microsoft’s exclusivity deal, it’ll remain there for a 30-day period before becoming available for PS4 users at the beginning of August.

Bundling together a new incursion, new challenge mode missions, new weapons and gear, Underground chronicles a war that’s sparked into life in the bowels of the Big Apple. Here, you’ll “explore randomly generated Urban Dungeons, face the Four Horsemen in the new Incursion Dragon’s Nest and gear up with new powerful Gear Sets!”

Of all the new content headed to Ubisoft’s post-pandemic shooter, word of the Urban Dungeons will surely pique the curiosity of players, particularly as it lends The Division some much-needed replayability beyond the usual grind for new gear.

The Division‘s Underground DLC will make its bow via PC and Xbox One tomorrow, June 28. It’ll then make the jump to PlayStation 4 on August 2. Further down the pipeline, Ubisoft has both the Survival and Last Stand add-ons penciled in for launch before the year’s end, and you can watch the bone-chilling first teaser for the former here.