The Division’s Second And Third DLC Expansions Have Been Delayed


There’s bad news all round for fans of The Division today, as Ubisoft has announced via the game’s official website that both the second and third DLC expansions for their open world shooter have been delayed until later this year and early 2017 respectively.

The reason? According to the lengthy announcement, the difficult decision was made in order to focus on “improving the core gameplay experience.” For that very reason, Update 1.4., which was originally supposed to arrive alongside DLC 2 ‘Survival’, will now be released separately in October and be all about “bug fixing, game balancing and other improvements.”

It’s not entirely surprising that Ubisoft has decided to go down this route, it’s no secret that The Division‘s end game content is considerably grind-heavy, requiring a great deal of investment to score coveted Incursion gear and unique weapons.

So, now that there’s no brand new content coming to The Division until the end of 2016 at the earliest, which major parts of the base game are Ubisoft aiming to improve?

At the top of the list are bug fixes followed by the desire to make loot drops “more relevant” to players. Presumably, this means there will be far fewer instances of Agents getting weapon and gear drops that are already inferior to what they have equipped. Competitive players aren’t being left out either, with the Dark Zone and PvP in general due to get a series of “balancing” changes.

For all the gory details, you can head over to the official site by clicking here.