New DLC For Battlefield Hardline Revealed


20150804_BFH_Robbery_org (1)

Following the release of Criminal Activity, EA have revealed that a second DLC expansion is on the horizon for Battlefield HardlineTitled Robbery, the new package will build on its predecessor as the criminal gangs now prepare themselves to undertake daring and daunting heists.

The official BattleLog details the updates, listing all of the additional content that will feature in the expansion. There will be four new maps including a museum and dock, four new weapons, two new gadgets and two new vehicles. Most interestingly, however, will be the inclusion of a new game mode based on the popular Squad Rush from Battlefield 4.

The new Squad Heist will be a 5v5 game mode where groups of criminals work their way through objectives to score huge heists before the team of police can stop them. The stages will typically feature taking certain gadgets to different vaults and escaping with the loot before the police can stop them by forcing them to use up all of their deploy tickets.

This new pack will be available for Battlefield Hardline Premium members from September 2015. Will you be checking it out? Sound off below and let us know.

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