First DLC For Dying Light Launches Today, Season Pass Detailed


Techland’s zombie-parkour simulator, Dying Light only launched last week, but the developer has already announced that the first piece of DLC will be available today for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. The studio further outlined what content will be coming with the title’s Season Pass in the coming months.

Launching today will be the “Cuisine & Cargo” pack, which can be purchased for $5 in case you did not already pick up the $20 Season Pass. “Cuisine & Cargo” adds two new missions set in buildings that were previously sealed off during the early days of the infection.

The next set will be the “Ultimate Survivor Bundle,” which is set to release in March. This pack shies away from including any new missions, but will instead feature three new outfits and four additional blueprints to create over-the-top weapons.

Both the “Cuisine & Cargo” and “Ultimate Survivor Bundle” will be available for free for those in Europe who chose to pre-order a physical edition of Dying Light. As previously announced, the title is currently only available digitally in select regions throughout Europe.

Finally, in May, Techland will release “The Bozak Horde” pack, which is the final piece of content set to be included in the Season Pass. The pack will feature a new map that is playable in both single-player and co-op. Players will be stuck inside the Harran Stadium, where they will be pitted against increasingly difficult waves of enemies.

Personally, I haven’t played Dying Light yet, so perhaps I’m just going out on a limb here, but this doesn’t really seem like a ton of content for $20. Techland has already announced plans for free DLC as well, so perhaps that will add more to the main game. If I’m shelling out the extra cash on a title’s Season Pass, though, I feel like the content should be a little more than just three new missions and some cosmetic upgrades.

For those that already picked up Dying Light, tell us, are you interested in the content set to be included in the Season Pass? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: EuroGamer

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