Last DLC For Modern Warfare 3 Hits Xbox 360 Next Week


Activision has announced that the final Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 DLC map pack (Collection 4) will launch for Xbox 360 Call of Duty Elite premium subscribers on September 5th.

This Xbox 360 content drop (22-24) includes the Gulch, Boardwalk and Parish muliplayer maps that were leaked back in July.

Call of Duty Elite premium subscribers on the PS3 are also getting a Modern Warfare 3 content drop next week, on September 6th. Their drops (19-21) consist of Light ‘Em Up, Special Delivery and Special Ops Chaos Mode, which is a variant on the game’s Survival mode.

Infinity Ward also reminded everyone who is not currently a premium subscriber that this is basically the last opportunity to buy a premium membership to Call of Duty Elite, which will get you all four Modern Warfare 3 collection packs for the $49.99 subscription price. Not at all a bad deal if you are looking to pick up all 24 pieces of DLC.

Source: One of Swords

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