I Think This New DmC Trailer Finally Sold Me

I, like many longtime Devil May Cry fans, have been hesitant about the new direction of DmC, the upcoming reboot of the series. Although, I’ve been more and more convinced with each trailer I’ve seen. I must say, I think this new trailer is the one that tipped me over.

Yeah, that’s right, Dante. You whip those obese and stupid platforms into shape. I don’t know why the platforms all have insults tagged on them, but it presents a sense of intrigue. What other kinds of things will you find later in the level? “Ignorance?” “Hubris?” “Mega Man?” Inquiring minds want to know, Capcom!

I must also say, I’m digging the soundtrack. Glad there’s been a bit of a departure from the typical nu-metal and industrial that has been throughout the franchise so far. Something a little more modern is nice.

Have a look for yourself:

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