Doki-Doki Universe Dev Teases Toejam & Earl Announcement In The Coming Weeks



Doki-Doki Universe developer HumaNature Studios has taken to the company’s Facebook page in order to tease fans that a Toejam & Earl announcement is due in the coming weeks.

Sending greetings from Funkotron, the studio provided an update on the development along with a cartoon sketch of the titular two oddballs, signalling that although the title is still in the early stages, it seems that we’ll learn much more about the game sooner than first expected.

“Greetings from Funkotron! We haven’t been posting as often lately because we’ve gotten really busy with the new TJ&E game. We will be making some announcements in a probably three or four weeks, when we have something we can show, and will be able to share lots of information with you.”

Launching for the Sega Mega Drive all the way back in ’91, Toejam & Earl proved to be an instant cult hit thanks to its wacky art style and sense of humor. It proved to be such a success at the time that a platforming sequel was quickly greenlit for the following year, though the IP in general has fallen by the wayside since ToeJam & Earl 3: Mission to Earth in 2002.

Fast forward to today and HumaNature is intent on bringing the franchise back with aplomb. It’ll be interesting to see whether the characters prove to be as endearing as they once were, but we’ll reserve any pre-emptive judgement until we see what the studio has cooking in a few weeks time.

But what do you think? Does the idea of a new installment in the Toejam & Earl series appeal to you? Let us know in the comments.


Source: Facebook

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