Title Of New Batman Game Seemingly Leaked By Website Domain

batman arkham knight

Not too long ago, Warner Bros. announced an upcoming FanDome event slated for August. Set to promote all things DC Comics, the event’s suspected to tease the upcoming Batman movie, new comic series and several DC-based video games that are rumored to be in development but have yet to be revealed.

One of these games, fans hope, is the next Batman: Arkham title. Suspected to be in development over at WB Montreal, the Canadian studio that made 2014’s Batman: Arkham Origins, the project has not been confirmed yet, but a certain internet domain name appears to imply it will be soon enough.

Gothamknightsgame.com was registered recently, and some fans believe this site will be used to promote news about WB Montreal’s title. The game, leakers say, will likely be a soft reboot of the franchise, one that drops the Arkham name and will allow players to step into the shoes of Bruce Wayne’s biological son, Damian.

But there’s more. Another domain name, called suicidesquadgame.com, was also registered around the same time as gothamknightsgame.com. That name, in turn, is believed to be linked to an upcoming Suicide Squad title supposedly in development at Rocksteady, the same studio that made Arkham AsylumCity and Knight.

Circling back to the Batman game, though, and what could we expect from the title Gotham Knights? Well, although WB is obviously at liberty to take this supposed project in any way they want, it does share its name with a comic book series from the early 2000s. Centered on the Bat-Family, it stars Alfred, Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, Oracle and Catwoman. Whether these characters would also play a role in the game remains to be seen, though.