Don’t Hold Your Breath For The Walking Dead Season 3


Those anticipating the return of Clementine and her band of survivors may have to wait a little longer than expected, as Telltale Games has confirmed via Twitter that it has no plans to release The Walking Dead season 3 in 2015.

That’s according to the studio’s PR Director Job J Stauffer, who took to his own social media account to reaffirm the news, all the while teasing another project that is seemingly set for a reveal very soon.

Perhaps it was a little ambitious for us to hold out hope for The Walking Dead season 3 in 2015, particularly when you consider that barely a year has lapsed since the arrival of season 2. It’s a logical decision, of course; Telltale is currently juggling an array of different IP not to mention working alongside Marvel for additional licensed content, so it seems safe to assume that the studio will look to establish some of the fresh-faced members of its roster before returning to its undisputed flagship.

What’s interesting about the above Tweet, though, is that Stauffer also refers to a project that is due later this year, and the director even responded to one fan who claimed there would be “No TWD in 2015″ with an ambiguous reply:

Tell us, what do you make of Stauffer’s comments? Is this a classic double bluff, or is Telltale preparing to release a The Walking Dead spinoff in the vein of the TV series? Let us know down below.

Source: Twitter