DONTNOD’s Quirky Episodic Title Life Is Strange Gets Release Date And Trailer


Amidst the cacophony of Gamescom 2014 — what with all the triple-A hype and horror goodness provided by Hideo Kojima — was Life is Strange, studio DONTNOD’s sophomore title following its work on last year’s Remember Me. Billed as a quirky love story with mixes of time travel and episodic storytelling, the property quickly became one of the most talked about games in the following months for its naturalistic art style and intriguing set-up.

And today, the Parisian developer has announced that Life is Strange will have its premiere on January 30 when the first episode arrives on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Publisher Square Enix is yet to formally confirm the pricing for the episodic series, but it’s understood that it will be available in the UK individually for £3.99, while those who take a shine to the hand-drawn art and story can purchase the season pass for £15.99.

When it comes down to actually describe what Life is Strange actually is, though, it becomes quite difficult. It is, in essence, an adventure game with little to no combat — one that will have your female protagonist (Max Caulfield) explore her idyllic setting to uncover a murder mystery. Part Twin Peaks, part Gone Home, DONTNOD’s latest is hitting all the right beats in its marketing campaign thus far, and we’re quietly excited for the first episode to make its bow in January.

We’ll have much more information pertaining to Life is Strange as the episodic series inches ever closer to release. In the interim, be sure to check out the reveal trailer above and let us know whether you’re excited to dip your toe into DONTNOD’s serene world in the comments.