DOOM 3 BFG Edition’s Lost Missions Look Terrifying

That’s right. Suddenly all those memories of the first time you played DOOM 3 are coming back. Not any happy moments of starting up the game and taking in the amazing visuals for the time. Not the accomplishment when you finally managed to slay the Cyberdemon. No, now you’re remembering those damn cherubs and how absolutely horrifying they were.

What we have here is the first trailer for DOOM 3 BFG Edition‘s most intriguing new content, the Lost Missions. These are a set of eight levels that have never before left the offices of id Software. But along with every DOOM game in the history of the franchise, you can now get even more out of the game.

It may be because I haven’t played the game in a long time, but I don’t remember demons with chainsaws. I’m pretty sure those are new. Still not as nightmarish as the cherubs though.

Take a look for yourself.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.

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