Doom Co-Creator Reveals Doom Guy’s Real Name, And It’s Exactly What You Think


Believe it or not, gaming is filled to the brim with unsolved mysteries. Who, or what, is Half-Life‘s G-Man? What’s the big secret surrounding Grand Theft Auto V‘s Mount Chilliad and what, pray tell, is the real name of Doom‘s badass demon slayer, Doom Guy?

Some of those age-old questions, it seems, are destined never to be answered (Half-Life 3 will forever remain vaporware at this point), but there are rare occasions when developers decide, seemingly out of a spontaneous act of kindness – or more likely, a result of fatigue from being asked the same question ad nauseam – to provide a definitive answer to such queries. And so it is, in this case, that legendary game developer and id Software co-founder John Romero has finally provided an answer that Doom fans have long craved for. Brace yourselves for this revelatory, not-at-all-expected truth bomb, as it’s going to gently rock your world.

Doom Guy’s real name, as reiterated by Romero himself, is, in fact, just Doom Guy.

Romero’s straightforward answer comes via Twitter as a direct response to one fan’s query of whether Doom Guy’s birth name could actually be Flynn Taggart (a name given to the character in comics), or even that of Wolfenstein‘s B.J. Blazkowicz – another of id Software’s creations. As believable as either of those outcomes could be, though, the simplest answer is correct in this case, with Romero even following up on his initial confirmation with the humorous quip: “He can be called anything anyone likes, but I was there when he was born. ;)”

It’s worth noting, of course, that despite Romero considering this the final say, id has made slight alterations to the character’s name in recent years, preferring instead to have others refer to him as the Doom Slayer, especially in 2016’s reboot and this year’s sequel, Doom Eternal.

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